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At Capri, we understand that life is about more than just going to the office. And a job is about more than just a pay cheque.

To attract and keep the best people – and we do – a company must be competitive in the remuneration package provided, the salaries and benefits. And it must be competitive, too, in the education and training opportunities offered.

But we go beyond the tangible ‘must haves’. We offer the intangibles that make all the difference, the ‘nice to haves’ that are our competitive edge as an employer.

Remuneration Package


We’re pleased to introduce the Capri Insurance Benefits Plan. The following is a brief outline of the benefits currently in force for all full time staff. There is a full 3 month probationary period from date of hire and coverage goes into effect on the first of the month following, or coincident with, 3 months of employment. All benefits are mandatory. Capri Insurance pay for all benefits with the exception of LTD. Booklets outlining the coverage in detail will be issued to you once you are eligible.


$25,000. Benefit reduces by 50% at age 65 and terminates at age 70. (Premiums are taxable).

Coverage is equal to the Life Insurance.

Coverage in the amount of $5,000 for your spouse and $2,500 for each dependent child in the event of their death. (Premiums are taxable).

Coverage equal to 66 2/3% of the first $2,625 of monthly earnings plus 50% of the balance to a maximum of $6,000. There is a 120 day elimination period and the benefit is to age 65. (As the employee pays 100% of the premium, in the event of your disability, this benefit would be non taxable).

75% coverage single or family per calendar year up to $1,000.00. After $1,000.00 has been paid for a person or family in the calendar year, you will be reimbursed 100%. Eligible expenses include prescription drugs, semi private and private hospital care, physiotherapy, private duty nursing, chiropractors, podiatrists, ambulance, out of province/country medical emergency travel coverage, medical supplies, etc.

There is no deductible to the plan. Basics are covered at 80% and Majors at 50% with a combined calendar year maximum of $2,000 per person. Orthodontia is covered at 50% with a lifetime maximum of $1,500.

This coverage is provided and paid for by Capri Insurance.
(Premiums are a taxable benefit).

These products are available on a voluntary basis. Additional Information is attached. Premiums are paid 100% by the employee via payroll deduction.

Designed to help employees and family members who are experiencing personal problems. i.e: marital, family, substance abuse, or psychological issues.

Preliminary legal guidance


PENSION PLAN (effective Jan 1, 2008)
To assist salaried staff in saving and planning for their retirement needs. The contributions are as follows:

Employee - choice of 1, 2 or 3% of base salary
Capri - match at 100% to a maximum of 3%

Capri Intercity Financial offers a commission-free benefit to the staff of Capri in order to help employees save for their retirement, while also offering greater flexibility to withdraw their RRSP savings if the need arises. Contributions can be made by payroll deduction and are made from pre-taxable income. Therefore, you are paying less tax on what you earn.

Education and Training

At Capri Insurance we recognize that continued education for licensing and personal development are critical to the success of our organization.  The company therefore; will continue to support and encourage the pursuit of formal education.  Our educational assistance program is designed to assist employees financially in furthering their education and maintaining or improving their levels of licensing.

Our financial assistance in combination with your personal time commitment will enable you to improve job-related skills and knowledge and maintain required licensing levels.

Personal Commitment:
The company will pay for approved courses at a 100% of the cost up front.  This includes all regular costs associated taking the course locally including any course materials and/or textbook and exam fee.  The employee’s commitment is that of time to ensure the successful completion of the course.

Should an employee be unsuccessful in completing their course or if they leave the company voluntarily within twelve months of completion of a course the employee will be required to reimburse the company for all costs associated with taking the course.  This reimbursement requirement applies to CAIB, AIIC & similar courses this does not apply to 1/2 day or full day seminars.  Costs associated with late withdrawals, no shows or exam re-writes are the employee’s responsibility.

How to register for a course/seminar?
Employees are required to complete a tuition request form and return the completed form to Dianne Varga in the Kelowna, Main Office. Attach your course/seminar registration form.  Each request must be approved by your Supervisors/Managers to ensure that professional development and staffing requirements are being met.

The company will pay for the cost of licenses for those employees whose jobs require them.  This includes fees required for new applications, transfers and renewals.  Courses/seminars required to maintain licensing levels will be paid for by the company.  Licenses must be returned to the company upon termination of employment.

Course Eligibility:
1) The course/seminar content must be directly related to the employee’s current position.
2) The course/seminar content must provide the employee with knowledge and/or skills that allow the employee to make a particular career move within the company.
3) The selected designation, degree, diploma or certificate program must             be applicable to the employee’s current position and/or career advancement within the company.

C.A.I.B., A.I.I.C., F.I.I.C. Programs
The company will provide financial assistance to all permanent full-time employees who have completed three months of service.  Employees must complete a Tuition Request form, obtain approval from their manager, and send it to Dianne Varga in the Kelowna, Main office.

Other Programs or Courses:
Courses or programs related specifically to your job or required for a transfer into another position will be paid for by the company.  Other courses or one day seminars that may or may not be relevant to your job will be considered on an individual basis. 

Special non-local training programs that involve travel/accomodation expenses must be a pre-approved by the Management Committee.  Requests to attend special training programs must be submitted to Dianne Varga in the Kelowna, Main office


Team Building

Visitors to our offices always comment on the ‘team’ atmosphere here.  The Capri ‘team’ is a very real thing, not just a cliché.

It comes from the mutual respect, support – and a whole lot of fun – that happens in our offices. 

We have an annual staff golf tournament, and it doesn’t matter if you can hit the ball 30 feet or 300 yards.  Or if you can even hit it at all.

We support many local charities, and attend their functions as a group.  We hold our own blood clinic drive, and hardly anyone ever faints. 

And have you ever worked for another company that held summer parties on a houseboat?    

Okanagan Lifestyle

Why it’s so great to live in The Okanagan?

The Interior of British Columbia is cradled within a glorious range of mountains, and is a sanctuary filled with pristine lakes, pine forests, abundant gardens, orchards and vineyards, sandy beaches, and superb amenities. There is never a lack of things to do in every season the Okanagan has to offer. Choose from Snowboarding and Skiing in the winter (at one of our 4 ski hills); to just relaxing on our miles of beautiful beaches in the summer. Spring and Fall are full with festivals, entertainment, hiking, and shopping and much more.

The region is very diverse, young and old alike will find endless activities to choose from. Uniquely the Interior offers a great mix of city and rural living and amenities. From shopping in large department stores or small boutiques, fine dining or fast food, theatre productions or hockey games, you will find it all.

If you are a golfer or a wine enthusiast, you will also love this city. We have over 15 gorgeous courses for you to explore, and because of our semi- arid climate, our golf season is one of the longest lasting in BC. For the wine lovers there are numerous internationally known vineyards and wineries for you to enjoy!

Welcome to The Okanagan – enjoy your experience!



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