Capri Insurance represents many major Insurers enabling us to provide you with comprehensive coverage along with competitive pricing.  We can help you select a policy that is right for you and our claims service is geared to respond with sensitivity and efficiency in your time of need.

Residential - Packages are available for many policies such as Homeowners, Bed & Breakfast facilities, Condominium unit owners, Mobile or Modular homeowners, Tenants,  Seasonal locations, Hobby Farms and Specialty construction such as Log homes.

Course of Construction - Whether you are having a professional builder construct the home or if you are doing it yourself, we have a policy that can protect your investment and ensure peace of mind.

Storage Coverage - We can arrange a specialized policy to cover your personal property while it is in storage. Unlike many other storage policies, we are able to offer full replacement cost on your contents. Also available is a personal liability extension, for those people who are in-between residences with no primary insurance coverage in force.

Strata Plan Policies - Our specialized package helps Owners of strata properties arrange adequate coverage for their duplex, triplex or four-plex properties.  Whether you own one unit or the entire dwelling, we can provide a comprehensive policy at a competitive price including earthquake, flood and sewer backup.  In addition, we provide comprehensive condominium packages providing coverage on your contents, unit improvements, special property and liability assessment and personal liability.

Vacant Dwelling Program - Whatever your situation, we can place a short term policy on your vacant dwelling that will help you protect your investment until it sells or becomes occupied.

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