Oil & Gas

Capri's mission is to provide quality risk management services to the oil and gas industry through insurance risk transfer options, claims management and risk management audits.

We recognize our clients need for competitive programs that will protect their company from financial hardship or possible closure in the event of an uninsured loss.

Capri Insurance has access to a number of specialty insurance markets supporting the oil and gas industry and related businesses.

Our specialties include coverage for the following:

  • Contractors involved in oil field construction
  • Pipeline and facility contractors
  • Road construction, road maintenance and deactivation contractor’s
  • Off site welding contractors
  • Contractors involved in hot shot services
  • Contractors involved in site preparation for oil and gas pipeline construction
  • Contractors involved in plant maintenance and turnaround operations
  • Contractors involved in pipe line right of way site preparation
  • Contractors specializing in clean up and reclamation work
  • Contractors involved in the low bedding or equipment of the moving of rigs
  • Medical treatment centers including medical malpractice coverage
  • Physical damage on all production equipment
  • Physical damage on all contractor’s equipment
  • Physical damage for motorized vehicles including picker trucks, winch trucks and vacuum truck

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