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Equine & Other Animal Therapies

Liability Coverage

This programme is available to Equine, Canine, Feline and Livestock Therapists only.

General Eligibility:

  • Acceptable activities include:
    • Acupressure;
    • Acupuncture;
    • Animal First Aid Teacher;
    • Chiropractic;
    • Herbs & Chinese Medicine;
    • Infrared Therapies;
    • Massage;
    • Osteopathy;
    • Reiki;
    • Therapies (heat, ice, magnetic, water)
    • Thermal Imaging

    Workshops, Speaking Engagements; Kiosk at Trade Shows/Fairs/Exhibitions are automatically included. Coverage may be extended to insure Transportation of Non-Owned Animals.
  • You are insured when your business is conducted in a hired or rented premise; at your premise; or at your client's premise.
  • Coverage automatically covers Legal Liability for Non-Owned Animals with a limit of $2,500 any one animal / $25,000 any one occurrence and aggregate. Higher limits are available.
  • Coverage automatically includes a $1,000,000 Treatment Extension (Claims Made).
  • Your revenue must be $100,000 (100% Canadian) or less in order to qualify.
  • We are unable to provide you with a quotation if you treat thoroughbred horses (bred for, training for, or performing in pari-mutuel events), at this time.

Please complete the attached application and send an email to agri@capri.ca for a quotation today.

Animal Therapies Application

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