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Why Work with Capri for Group Benefits?

Capri Insurance Benefits Division is an independent insurance broker that specializes in Group Benefits, Pension, Group Retirement Savings and Wellness plans.

We work for you - not the insurance provider.

We have access to the best Canadian Health Insurance providers plus many proprietary solutions not available to other brokers. We are here to help you research, evaluate and choose the best plan for your organization and then support you throughout the process – and beyond.

Capri Insurance Benefits Division will shop the insurance marketplace for you and present the best plan design and health insurance providers for your organization – more options and less work for you.

The Capri Insurance Benefits Division can:

  • Assist You With Determining Your Benefits Philosophy – Are you an employer that wants to be a leader in your industry? Or do you wish to be mid-market? Either way, Capri can help you determine your corporate benefits philosophy and design a plan to support it.

  • Conduct a Benefits Audit - When is the last time you had a second opinion? Allow one of our Advisors to review your current plan design, financials and employee feedback to determine if there are any opportunities to improve the overall value proposition. This can be arranged on an independent fee-for-service basis or through a retainer.

  • Evaluate & Design Your Plan – Are you confident that your plan meets the unique needs of your workforce while aligning with your corporate objectives? If not, Capri Insurance Benefits Division can help. We benchmark your plan against other group insurance plans to identify any gaps in coverage, assess if your plan is fairly priced and determine if you are receiving the ongoing service and support you deserve.

  • Shop the Insurance Market and Recommend Best Provider – Your best interest is our priority. As part of our service, Capri Insurance Benefits Divisioni will solicit quotes on your behalf from the best Canadian health insurance providers - including many proprietary options exclusive to Capri Insurance Benefits Division. We consolidate the quotes and provide a comprehensive report and our recommendations.

  • Review & Analyze Your Annual Renewal – Do you understand why your premiums increased at renewal? Do you know cost savings strategies to minimize increases in the future? As part of the annual renewal process, we go beyond just telling you what your new premium is. We closely scrutinize your renewal, negotiate on your behalf, identify areas for changes and recommend practical cost saving solutions.

  • Disclose Commissions Openly – Do you know the commission rate being paid to your current advisor? If not, it's worth asking. We openly disclose our commission rate applicable to your plan and have developed a practice that is free of any conflicts of interest with our business partners.

  • Provide Cost Containment Strategies – Do you know how to design your plan to reduce costs? Do your employees know what they can be doing to help save? At Capri Insurance Benefits Division, we educate and support the entire organization so employees understand their benefits plan while providing practical solutions on how to keep costs down.

    Tax Effective & Important to Employees

    Group Benefit Plans are an excellent way for organizations to provide employees with non-cash compensation in a tax-efficient manner while being highly valued by employees.

  • Ensure Your Plan is Tax Effective – Are you confident that your employee cost-share is most tax effective? You would be surprised how many organizations don't have the cost-share implemented correctly. Capri Insurance Benefits Division can help determine if your cost-share is set up to be most tax-effective and work with you to correct it if it's not.

  • Educate You on Industry Trends – The world of employee benefits and group retirement savings is constantly changing. The Capri Insurance Benefits Division will keep you current on the latest trends and make sure you are compliant with all industry and taxation rules.

  • Support You with Administration – Did you know your organization could be liable if the plan isn't correctly administered? Benefit Plan Administration is a major responsibility and goes beyond simple administrative paperwork. The Capri Insurance Benefits Division is here to answer your questions, guide you through complicated insurance processes and help you understand the complexities of your plan. We are an extension of your team and here to support you.

  • One-Stop for All Your Insurance & Wealth Management Needs – In addition to Group Benefits, we offer insurance products for Commercial, Auto, Home, and Travel Medical. Plus, Farm & Equine, Off Road, Critical Illness. We can also help with Wealth Management, Mortgages and Equipment Leasing.

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