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Provincial Equine Associations

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The Equine Association Insurance Programme developed by Capri Insurance Services Ltd. and Intercity Insurance Services Inc. recognizes the vital roles played by both the National Equine Associations and the Provincial Equine Associations.This Insurance Programme operates comfortably at all levels with the ability to address both National and Regional issues.

  • It covers all National or Provincial Equine Associations in Canada who apply to Capri Insurance or Intercity Insurance for inclusion.
  • It provides world wide coverage for associations, members and teams riding, driving, competing, instructing or officiating abroad.
  • It facilitates the regional concerns of Back Country Horsemen, PMU farms, Trail development, Environmental issues and others.
  • It embraces Commercial Equine interests such as Tack Shops, Equine Veterinarians, Breeders, Trainers and Recreational Equine Business.
  • It offers a complete range of custom insurance products to all Equine Association members that are both broad in coverage and economical to purchase.

Program Overview:

The program is available to all Canadian Equine Associations who apply to Capri Insurance or Intercity Insurance for inclusion.

  • People who are Individual Members of the above Equine Associations have automatic world wide insurance with their membership. (Caution - Some restrictions apply to non-Canadian residents)
  • A division of the programme exists for Corporate members with commercial activities and requires a specific application.
  • All members benefit on savings for Horse Mortality and Farm insurance.

The main programme provides different coverages for the different membership classifications.The Equine Associations and their Individual or Family members are covered automatically while the Clubs, Coaches and Officials must make specific application for insurance after becoming a member. Savings for Clubs, Coaches and Officials are significant.

The programme is currently endorsed by the following Equine Associations:

The programme provides various coverage for the following categories:

Directors & Officers Summary of Coverage
Directors & Officers New Application

(These documents are available in PDF format)

Please contact our office at 1-800-670-1877 for applications and additional information.

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