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Insuring Your Dirt Bike

Buying Dirt Bike insurance can be a relatively easy experience if you take the time to check out the available options.

Factors that often affect the cost of your insurance are your location, age, experience, driving record, type and cost of the Dirt Bike you own. The Capri Dirt Bike Insurance program provides a single low price to all applicants that qualify.

Looking for fire, theft and transport for your competition Dirt Bike? Call us.

For a free, no-obligation quote, call any of our qualified Customer Service Representatives at 1-888-818-5821.

As a service to BC Dirt Bike Owners, we can provide Physical Damage coverage direct to you at very competitive premiums. We offer three coverage options for the Offroad Motorcycle owner.

Option 1: All Perils.
Option 2: Comprehensive only.
Option 3: Basic Perils.

In addition to the already low premiums the following discounts may also apply:

To apply for the program, contact our toll free number (1.888.818.5821) and request an application. Once you receive the Dirt Bike Physical Damage Application, simply fill it out return it to our office by fax or mail.

The bikes we insure under this program are off road units and must not be licensed for the highway.

Our policy has no restrictions regarding theft of the insured unit under any coverage option. Unlike the competition.

 It is important to note that third party liability for Dirt Bikes is not available except through ICBC.

To apply for coverage, or to inquire further please call 1.888.818.5821, email us, or visit one of our offices, (click for locations).